Two Sentences

A long time ago I came across a website which had the following task:
1. write two sentences.
2. create tension between them.
3. define "tension" any way you want.

Today that website no longer exists, but here are a few of my favorite user-submitted sentences.

The peaceful lake stretched out before him like glass.
The cool water closed in around him as he sank.

By Grumblebee
Kitty had a habit of dying.
This was her seventh time doing it.

By Guh3
Life consists of two things, Pain and Will.
The pain to strengthen our will and the will to go through the pain.

By Shea
He saw me staring at him, and came up to me to ask if I had a lighter.
He was gorgeous but I didn't smoke.

By JP2
They were drawn together, deeply and forever.
She was married, so was he.

By BenjiBones
She took a sip of coffee.
I swallowed.

By BoboBox
She felt the hand move up her back.
Surely it was a hand.

By Grumblebee